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Practices Schedule Change
by posted 09/17/2019

Please read your email: Good evening parents, I need to make some changes to our practice scheduled. I currently take the responsibility for allowing our 2005/06 to play games without being prepared. I know majority of our players play multiple sports and cannot make it to practice on Tuesday and Thursdays. I am moving our Thursday practices to Fridays until further notice. To better prepare the 2005/06 and 2007 teams I need players to make it to practice. This is not how I wanted our season to begin and some changes need to made. The schedule on the website and the app will be changed after practice today. Practices will be Tuesday and Fridays 5:30pm to 7:30pm. Thank you and apologize for the awful start to the season. Thank you Coach Mike.

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Chicago Bears squares Fundraiser
by posted 09/01/2019

Please Read your email: Please bring money for the squares to practice tomorrow or if it easier to use paypal please contact Tracy. Any questions please ask and Thank you to all who were able to help with the Fundraiser this season.

Please contact Tracy Nosal to enter your information. Email: Tracynosal17@gmail.com or text at 630-669-1029

Here is grid 1 
Player password: Soccer


Here is Grid #2
Password: Soccer


South Suburban SA grid #3


Password: Soccer


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South Suburban Conduct On and OFF the Field!
by posted 04/23/2019

Please Read your email: I am sending this important email and message to all parents, players and south suburban soccer club fans. This weekend I witnessed a game result that was determined by someone who was not playing or coaching. Every season we seem to forget there is a need for more positivity than negativity. I speak for myself as a coach who is trying to promote positive play and positive emotions. A game should never ever be decided by the comments of any individual towards a player or referee. I am fed up with the negative comments towards anyone playing on the soccer field and that includes the referee. Consider this a WARNING to all Players, Parents, and South Suburban Soccer Clubs Fans. If you do not have anything positive to say please do not say it all!!!! Please do not be the one to take away points from our teams. The result from this weekends competition should have been a 1-1 tie and instead we received a forfeit and -2 points. I know all Players show up because they want to compete and work hard as a team. When someone from our soccer club wants to Speak up to anyone on the soccer field just remember your actions are not the actions of yourself but they are the actions of our entire club. If your actions are in any way negative you will be asked to leave the field. We all work very hard to promote Positvie values. If you do not agree with this email please find my at Soccer practice or after game. I have no problem explaining the values our team in person.

Thank you everyone,

Coach Mike

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